Why infoFence?

Although 80% of the Cyber Attacks are from internal*, however only “external attacks” are on the headlines

  • Internal breaches are usually not noticed
  • Even when they are, usually to protect corporate image and reputation, the breach is never allowed to leak

80% of COTS “Security Programs” do not provide database security

  • In many corporation’s database it is observed that;
  • Absolutely no database security products installed but only standard database security is used.
  • Mostly logging/sniffing mode is enabled on existent security products, blocking is done solely on IP blocking.

Why database security products are used ineffectively?

  • There is a lack of qualified security expert.
  • Today’s complex data structures in databases make security settings so complicated. Mostly because of the the urgent requests, the structures in databases become more and more complex.
  • There was no ready made and easy tool to configure security settings.
  • There is usually no chance to test security settings on production environment.

There Are Really Serious Security vulnerabilities in Databases

  • Because of management complexity many uses shared user-passwords, yet with DBA powers.
  • Changing users’ password become hard and even impossible due to embedded passwords in programs.
  • Contrary to what is claimed who and whence accessed and what’s been done is not audited due to several reasons.
  • When Security Certificates are granted to corporates, generally database security fact is less prioritised.

Be prepared and accountable against any incident

  • Did you establish the segregation of duty in your database?
  • As a Database Administrator (DBA) do you think you are accountable with your unlimited privileges in your database?
  • As a corporate manager do you think you took all necessary measures for data security and be accountable?
  • Is your corporate reputation and all classified information secure?

Provide compliance with Regulations

  • Effective internal control and separation of duties is required in the database to ensure compliance with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), European Data Protection Directive (95/46 / EC) or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Providing this compliance is a legal requirement for many organizations and companies.

Take immediate control of your Oracle Database easily without ANY additional coding

  • Are you really sure that your database is secure?
  • Did you take control of your DBAs unlimited rights for accessing, selecting and updating your data without leaving any trace?
  • Are you maintaining order in your database?
  • Do you control and log all the essential change operations in your database?

Maintain Effective Data Security and Order to the Database Without Configuring and Coding

  • Even if there is no security at all
  • Even if you have lack of control on applications
  • Even if it is impossible to change applications’ user passwords
  • Even if each user uses shared database user and can access anything in the database
  • You can have easily maintain a very effective database security control and order in a very short time.
* “Key Findings from the 2013 US State of Cybercrime Survey”

Reinforce Your Database Security Rapidly and Easily